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Joint Stock Company "Plant "Mayak" has passed a difficult path of development - from the very first products that seem almost primitive for contemporaries, to products that synthesize the innovations of design and flawless execution.

1924 - by the decision of the All-Ukrainian Central Executive Committee in Kyiv was founded «First All-Ukrainian state stamping-engraving, jewellery and stamping factory"; 1953, November 28 - the Council of Ministers of Ukraine renamed the "Muzkombinat" into Kiev plant of "Radio equipment";;

1974 - by the Order of the Minister of the USSR Radio industry was organized by the Kiev Scientific and Production Association "Mayak";

1996, May 12 - by the Order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine №40-AT state enterprise Kiev plant "Mayak" transformed into an open joint-stock company "Plant "Mayak".

2009, March 2 - by the Order of the State Property Fund of Ukraine №148, Open Joint Stock Company "Plant "Mayak" transformed into a public joint stock company "Plant "Mayak".

2012, September - in accordance with the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 29, 2010 №1221 on the establishment of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom", functions of managing the state stake (100%) were transferred to the State Property Fund of Ukraine in State Concern "Ukroboronprom".

Today, "Plant "Mayak" is a leading enterprise in Ukraine, with unique high-precision equipment and advanced technologies, specializing in the design and manufacture of small arms, artillery weapons and its constituent components, repair and modernization of military equipment, as well as the production of voice alarm equipment for emergency situations of war, civilian aircraft and helicopters.

Scope of business:

- implementation of economic activity in the development, manufacture, sale, repair, modernization and disposal of weapons, military equipment, military weapons,

- implementation of research and design and experimental works on the development and introduction of new electronic products, including products of magnetic recording, and more.

Since 2008, except of magnetic recording equipment for combat aircraft and helicopters, the plant began production of small arms and equipment to it.

The company has developed technical documentation and mastered the production of the first domestic machine guns.

From 2008 to 01.04.2012 was produced 1752 pcs. of infantry and tank machine guns of 7.62 mm caliber.

Besides this, also was designed and manufactured special equipment (machines for installing machine guns on armored vehicles), to conduct combat operations against ground and air targets, totaling 58 million UAH.

For the development of small arms production in Ukraine company plans development and introduction of the entire range of small arms, from pistols to large-caliber machine guns and trunks to them.

AKM in the amount of 20,000 pieces were modernized.

Today, the company is working on a modernization of the entire line of Kalashnikov assault rifles for modern optical and collimator sights including night vision sights.

In 2012 was finalized the development of pistols "Mayak" P-60 caliber 9 mm, assault rifles caliber 5.45/5.56/7.62 mm., and sniper rifles caliber 308 and 338. The next step - development and manufacture of light machine guns.

During last three years, there has been a technical re-equipment of enterprise to improve the technical and economic level of production through the introduction of advanced equipment and technologies, mechanization and automation of production, modernization and replacement of obsolete and worn-out equipment with new, more productive. All this cost more than 20 million UAH.

Over the past 10 years there has been an increase in production by an average of 32% annually, providing a stable financial position of the company.

PJSC "Plant "Mayak" has managed to preserve the labor collective, his strong and powerful core. Labor dynasties were created, many young people joined to working team.